Welcome to AT Alliance Trading and Construction Company Limited
AT Alliance Trading and Construction Company Limited is one of the leading and progressive construction companies in Accra with Swiss background.  It is a Limited Liability Company. We provide the most innovative building systems in business acknowledged in the building technologies industry. We Stand out among other construction companies because we also offer door to door services.

Our services

Architectural Design

We adopt a collaborative approach with clients, delivering high quality designs.

Rising Damp Treatment

We offer expert mould inspection, removal, and rising dump treatment, get in touch with us.

Free Plywood’s

We offer free supply of Plywood’s for all your construction works (form/ flow works) when the project is handled by the company.

Cadastral Surveying

We establish and re-establish property boundaries for our clients.

Rising Damp Prevention

Rising damp often has negative effects on plaster, wallpaper, paints and skirting boards..

Free Estimates

We also do free estimates for our clients.

Engineering Services

We are responsible for the design, installation, operation and technical services

Building Construction

Construction is the process of constructing a building or infrastructure

Hiring of Plywood’s

Hiring of Plywood’s to the general public at an affordable price.

Let Us Help You Build Your Dream Home

If you have the resource, we have the capability....


Wybrałem się na zakupy i potrzebuje 500 zł na już na kupno nowych butów.